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19-Twenty Sunset Sydney Harbour Cruise

10 August 2024 4:30 pm


19-Twenty Sunset – Sydney Harbour Cruise!

All aboard the 19-Twenty Party boat! They are BACK for another Sydney Harbour cruise like no other! Join Festival party band, 19-Twenty for 4 hours on the picturesque  Sydney Harbour, with sunsets as the backdrop and the promise of a rowdy time!

19-Twenty are a high-energy blues and roots band who storm the stage like a freight train. With a sound that blends foot-stomping rhythms, raw energy, and an undeniable sense of fun, 19-Twenty has quickly earned a reputation as one of the country’s most exhilarating live acts.

At its core, 19-Twenty is a band that thrives on live performance, where their chemistry and charisma truly shine. Their dedication to their craft and commitment to delivering unforgettable live shows has garnered them a loyal fan base and critical acclaim. Whether you’re a blues aficionado, a roots enthusiast, or simply looking for a night of high-energy music, 19-Twenty is a band that promises to leave you wanting more.

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