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American entertainer, Wynonah Dove along with her band, The Flaming Margaritas, pay tribute to THE MAVERICKS in Sydney this May in the Canterbury-Hurlstone Park RSL Club Arena – featuring one of the best dance floors in Australia!

Fusing traditional country with a rich variety of Tex Mex, rock, pop, and Latin influences, GRAMMY-award winning American band, The Mavericks, became one of the most critically acclaimed & commercially successful groups of the early ’90s. Still playing & packing venues annually across the US and Europe, the Mavericks are the quintessential party band that DANCERS absolutely love!

Joining Wynonah Dove (vocal & mandolin) are the “spicy” Flaming Margaritas: Tony Gagliano on accordion, Maurice Rebecchi on drums & vocals, Colin Simone on keys, Fred Valero on bass and guitar legend, Geoff Andrews!

Wynonah Dove & the Flaming Margaritas have carefully captured the genre-bending, renegade essence & high energy showmanship of The Mavericks – so grab your partner and “Dance the Night Away” at The Arena!

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