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Born out of the maelstrom of circa 1980s punk rock, downtown Sydney, Australia, ABERRATION is renowned for powerful live shows; songs from the head AND the heart; rock’n’roll served up with a dash of melody, rhythmical forte and dazzling guitar interplay.

No newcomers, they wear their seasoned hearts on their well-worn rock’n’roll sleeves. Having ‘done the grind’ over the years in numerous Aussie rock acts, including The New Christs, Lime Spiders, Hell Crab City, Loose Pills, Molten Universe, Panadolls and Fruitworld, these might give the listener an idea of where ABERRATION draws its sound and influence.

ABERRATION returns on the eve of the very special occasion, which is the release of their new punk rock and roll single, ‘Tuckerbox’ b/w ‘All This And More’ on Crankinhaus Records.

As for MOOT…
Marvellous Mid-Coast maniacs MOOT shouldn’t be here. They never expected to be here. Not only did they not expect to last, they expected to be shut down within three songs of their first ever set. It didn’t happen that way…

Having done time in cover bands, MOOT was formed with the intent to play music the band loved and grew up with in venues which were too scared to book anyone who wouldn’t play mainstream standards. It was an experiment to prove that there were music lovers who would come to venues who didn’t want ‘Chisel and Powderfinger but wanted our music — Stooges, MC5, DK’s, Birdman etc.”

BANDS: from 6pm
BOOK HERE: [email protected]

IMPORTANT: Due to relaxed C-restrictions from 17 March, this will be a show where you don’t have to park your arse on a seat all night by law.
However, we recommend that you still book so we can keep on top of numbers in line with our Covid Safe Plan.

You will also need to check in via our QR code, sanitise your hands and keep at least one FULL-FLIGHT PELICAN away from others not in your group.

Bookings: [email protected]

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