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Alexander Melnikov performs Shostakovich

22 June 2024 2:00 pm


Pianist Alexander Melnikov brings his impressive energy to Shostakovich’s First Piano Concerto. Principal Trumpet David Elton weaves a tender, sombre magic in its delightfully wistful passages.

But this is Shostakovich, so the story doesn’t end there; he continues on a spellbinding journey, to a finale where strings soar and the trumpet returns for an amazing conclusion.

Loaded with themes of lust, valour and tragedy, Richard Strauss’ energetic sound charms from the beginning. Strauss took rich tales as inspiration for his tone poems, masterfully extracting every ounce of colour from the orchestra to describe the escapades of his story-book heroes Don Juan and Till Eulenspiegel.

Every tale here is told with beauty and magnificence, presenting us with enthralling and very human portraits.

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