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Alpha Goose Live at the Fusebox!

past event


A night of hard funk, rock and psychedelia with Alpha Goose to celebrate Sydney’s youth music scene, live at the Factory Fusebox on June 25th. The young group hails from Sydney, blending influences from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, P-Funk, Prince, James Brown and more to create an immersive and obsessive sonic experience. Members include Isaac May on vocals and guitar, Remy Nettheim on keys, Kamyar Murphy on bass and Henry McGlinchey on drums – also joined by the ARIA Sax Quartet to provide a fat, funky horns section. Playing an all original set, they put wild energy as performers rarely seen, being supported by the alt-rock stylings of Elliot Wings & The Flying Serpents. So don’t miss out! Come watch them remind you of the concert experience you’ve all missed these past twelve months, with tickets available now for as little as $20 from the Factory Theatre’s website. (Ticket prices include GST and Booking Fees. Transaction Fee may apply)

Elliot Wings & The Flying Serpents take influence from Nirvana, The Beatles, Blur and more to create a highly dynamic and unique sound. Also playing all-original music, they harness the alt and indie rock wave prevalent in Australia’s urban culture to prove relatable and grounded. They feature a variety of intensity to keep an audience constantly listening between songs – having the power to move between soft spoken word and metallic screaming. Be sure to see them on the night!

Doors will open from 8:00pm

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