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Northern Beaches Sydney songstress Amber Rose and her band take the stage. After her debut late last year with her swooning single “Don’t Hold Me Back”, Rose has since released a further EP “Platonic Love” including the singles “Mother Earth” and “I’m Working On It”. Honing Julia Jacklin and Fleetwood Mac, the Sydney singer-songwriter continually delivers honest and introspective tunes that overflow with energy. With a shuffling beat, jangly guitar, and dreamy melodies she sets the scene for the perfect heartstrung ballads, firing that arrow right through our mushy hearts with pinpoint accuracy.

Her recent EP of acoustic demos, ‘solace’, bring raw and honest reflections of Rose’s childhood. Recorded in her bedroom, the stripped back songs reveal a vulnerable side to Rose that has not been shown in her previous releases. This EP was entirely performed by Rose herself with the exemption of backing vocals on the track ‘safe’, sung by Ben Morgan, who regularly appears on stage at her live shows.

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