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Lombardo Entertainment & Alternative Symphony presents: An Orchestral Rendition of: Biggie vs 2Pac

Alternative Symphony is proud to present a unique way to hear two of the all time greatest artists. Using our team of highly trained orchestral performers, we’re bringing you a unique way to experience 2 of the biggest names in Hip-Hop back to back.

Our East Coast Orchestra performing the Notorious B.I.G’s hits and our West Coast Orchestra performing the 2Pac classics.

– Who’s Performing? –
This isn’t your average orchestral event. Our musicians are highly trained professionals and all BIGGIE and Tupac biggest fans. This modern Orchestra has been practicing enormously to ensure that you as an audience receive the best possible show! We’re got trumpets, horns, strings, DJ’s, Drums, live vocalists, MC’s and much, much more to make this night one to remember!

*This event is an orchestral rendition, neither Biggie or Tupac will be present…….
There are two different sessions: 6.30pm & 9pm

Event Dates