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Anna Dot + Bower + Julie Claude

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Anna Dot is a sonic gardener, cultivating wistful melodies and bittersweet lyrics in her greenhouse of grooves. Intertwining genres such as indie pop, folk, small room, chamber pop and lilith, she creates a captivating and ever growing soundscape.

After planting first seeds with her debut album ‘Tangled’ 2020, Anna Dot now tends to her latest EP ‘Detox’. Rooted in the theme of learning to let go, it’s the perfect soundtrack for anyone who needs a little push to let go of a failed relationship, a toxic friendship, limiting beliefs or even one’s home – born in Vienna, Austria herself, Anna’s no stranger to themes of homesickness and the quest for belonging.

Anna Dot’s music has grown up with her over the years, and has graduated from acoustic solo pieces to orchestrated band tracks – all the while staying true to her authentic self and her own roots as a songwriter and lyricist.

Kat, Lou, and Meggie are Bower. With their roots in classical music, they built their Bower from a shared love of blending vocal harmonies, authentic songwriting and folk sensibilities, driven by a cosmic and comforting blend of female voices. Let us carry you home on thoughtful three-part harmonies, original tunes and unexpected arrangements of songs old and new.
Julie Claude 
Julie Claude paints bittersweet songs using folk sensibilities, jazz harmony and Latin grooves to create a captivating musical experience. With a candid and honest approach to her craft, she invites audiences into the warm embrace of wordplay, twinkling ukuleles and deliciously stacked vocals. Julie’s unique ability to create a feeling of familiarity will envelop you in a sonic landscape that is as comforting as it is enchanting.

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