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Two shows: early and late show

With a lineage that swirls a palette of colour as well as geography, Ash Grunwald is the modern-day representation of the global citizen, from the mixed-race melting pot of South Africa’s Cape Coloureds, to the Anglo Saxon migrant neighbourhood of his upbringing in Victoria, to the Hindu haven of Bali – his home for the past three years. With the liberation that comes from many lineages pouring into one; not confined by the borders of race nor the parameters of culture, Ash Grunwald is an advocate purely and simply of the Earth. His music, whilst calling from the Delta Swamp, is an eddy of influences, collaborations and mediums. His voice through his lyrics, podcast and broadcasting ask for the protection of land, sea, river, self and resources, and his new role as an author signifies the sudden abundance of purpose that comes with sobriety and of a man carrying a message of change.

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