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Basil’s Kite – 10 Year Anniversary

past event


‘Basil’s Kite Celebrating 10 YEARS OF SACRIFICE!

Pinko Commie Microtonal Math-Metal heads Basil’s Kite are this year celebrating 10 YEARS OF SACRIFICE! Having been founded in the middle of 2011 they are just as surprised as you all are that they are still surviving, and THRIVING.

Since their inception 10 years ago Basil’s Kite have carved out their own space nationally + internationally, combining a very niche and specific genre of music with a golden-retriever-like desire to people please.

Despite the best efforts of a 2 lineup changes and a global pandemic to stunt the celebrations, Basil’s Kite are far too stubborn to let that happen and cannot wait to meet you head on to join in HOLY COMMUNION and SACRIFICE.’

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