After launching his solo career with an eagerly anticipated album titled ‘Alusa Why Are you Topless,’ Bien-Aimè Baraza has embarked on a world tour, with a performance scheduled in Sydney.

Alusa Why Are You Topless? contains sixteen tracks in which Bien wears his heart on his sleeve. He is a bonafide artist, with a bottomless bag of punchlines; an artist that to this day still retains the most noticeable of his artistic imperium, an unequivocal mastery of singing about romance like no other Kenyan artist. This is revealed first from the album’s intro, titled ‘Legend’, which acts as a prelude to what’s ahead in the other songs on the album as it reveals the main subject matter of the project to be musings on romance. LOVE, the core theme of his album, would be seen as cliché, but in Bien’s effortlessly melodic voice, it oddly feels original.

An ambitious yet extremely finessed record, ‘Alusa Why Are You Topless’ contains all manner of highlights as Bien explores various themes consistent with his chequered Sauti Sol discography. The 16-track album, a sign of the Sol Generation kingpin’s creative confidence, sees the beloved crooner collaborate with some known and unknown names including Nigeria’s Ayra Starr, Ms. Banks, Scar Mkadinali, Tay Iwar and Britain’s ‘Got Talent’ prodigy Sarah Ikumu.Bien commences his worldwide tour with Europe then Australia next on his list.

The outstanding performer embraces his vocal prowess and showmanship in a seldom yet magical manner – a performer all music and live performance enthusiasts long to experience. Catch Bien-Àime Baraza live in Sydney…… May the 4th Be With You, 2024!!