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Blackout Fun Club: "Back With A Big One" w. Denim On Her, Quarter Horse Club & Earl Gray

past event


Alt-rock riot Blackout Fun Club are BACK after a six-month sojourn to Hiatus Island!

Rested and ready to shred again, The ‘Club finally caught up on their homework and wrote a stack of newwies. The vocal harmonies are melting glass and rusting steel. The guitar tones are pushing the boundaries of good taste. The drum fills are causing acute & explosive cases of high-octane pit action. You’ll be lucky to survive it.

You might not recognise much of the set, but don’t fret pet. Just like the BFC gigs you’re used to, you’re guaranteed one thing: to GO OFF.

Who’ll all be there:

Denim On Her

Quarter Horse Club

Earl Gray

Wishing you a Happy Merry Christmas and a SEXY New Year.

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