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Blackout Fun Club w/ Plague Rat (Early Show)

past event


The world ended months ago – like roaches, we’ve survived.

If you didn’t hear the warnings on the wind, we’ll tell you who we are: Blackout Fun Club are a creepy and cultish indie-rock outfit that oozed out of the South Coast sewers around mid-2019. Pairing raw, powerful vocals with experimental guitar tone, the enigmatic 5-piece strives to hypnotize surfies, punks & artists alike with their unique set and distinct stage presence.

Though you may not know it, the subliminal rituals in our debut EP BUST! have already begun to melt down into the ridges of your brain and cook it alive. We gently urge you to join us for a night of confusion & charisma as we takeover a local venue for the ‘Club’s first headline showing. Bringing along the pestilence will be alt-punk Gong groms Plague Rat, who will help us conduct the Last Rites with their heavy riffs and throat-shredding vocals.

All will be revealed soon, we promise – once we’ve got you all gathered up in one place, we’ll show you what it really means to join Blackout Fun Club.

Get to La La La’s on March 11 and await our instructions.

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