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Border Menace is the solo project of Australian experimental musician Alex Lee (Repairs, Heavy Birthday, Subterranean Rain), currently based in Berlin
For this very special live performance they will be joined by Andrew Brocchi of also of Repairs and currently of Exek
Border Menace uses a range of electronic instruments, recordings, samples and noise to express themes such as melancholy, nostalgia and despair, coupled with moments of chaos and derangement – a soundtrack to late nights and early mornings
In 2021 Border Menace released a fourth release Inland Ocean on French label Anywave, and has had previous releases on Australian DIY-label Chemical Imbalance


Mercurial electronics hermit Debris crawls sideways out of his Petersham stone shelter for a show to support friends. Expect freeform rhythm experiments, sample and beat manipulations, mutant techno digressions and possibly power malfunctions, and more (or less)


Having been described as purveyors of bleached grey rock or concrete wave Ill Winds mark their return to live performance from a five year hiatus with an entirely new set to calcify themselves into this post order world
Formed in 2011 they released three ep’s all written and recorded in Berlin (Noisekölln, Not Not Fun, Hideotic). 2014 saw their return to Australia with a selection of live performances in Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane and Melbourne until their chance disbandment late 2017


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