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Brodsky Quartet Bach, Britten and Schubert

past event


Choose one concert or come for all three in this 50th-anniversary mini-marathon of great string quartet music.

Bach, Britten and Schubert with the Brodskys

The Brodsky Quartet shares a birthday with the Sydney Opera House and in 2023 they’re making a welcome return to the Utzon Room with new first violinist Krysia Osostowicz for a mini-marathon built around the final string quartets of Benjamin Britten and Franz Schubert.

Each of the three concerts will feature a Britten quartet and a Schubert quartet in illuminating pairings that play off the composers’ contrasting styles while finding common ground in their expressive intensity and emotional turbulence.

JS Bach provides the entrées: Brodsky violist Paul Cassidy has arranged three of Bach’s “hallowed” sonatas for unaccompanied violin – miraculously transforming them from their single-line conception to the string quartet sonority.

Join the Brodsky’s in the intimate space of the Utzon Room for all three concerts, or come for the final program featuring the turbulence and Romantic obsession of Schubert’s Death and the Maiden quartet and Britten’s String Quartet No.3, composed on his deathbed.

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