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Drums and dance. Earth and water. Chi Udaka began life as a collaborative work between contemporary Australian taiko ensemble Taikoz and classical South Indian dance company Lingalayam, which has toured both across Australia and internationally. This performance of the Taiko (drum) elements within Chi Udaka is Claudia Wherry’s graduating Honours creative project.

The work explores the duality between the two distinct art forms; the earthiness of taiko (Japanese) drumming, with it’s grounded aesthetic and explosive dynamism reflected in ‘Chi’, meaning ‘Earth’ in Japanese. This is contrasted with the flowing sensuality of the Lingalayam artists’ dance, represented in ‘Udaka’, meaning ‘Water’ in Sanskrit. These art forms are connected through the shared language of rhythm, which Ian Cleworth used to compose the rhythmic and musical content of Chi Udaka. This production is entirely unique, synthesising music in dance, and dance in music through an exciting display of vibrant drumming and movement. All together, the various works within the production aim to create a reflection of a single day, starting in the early morning, and going through until nighttime.

This reduced production presents a focus on the taiko (Japanese drum) works from Chi Udaka in the intimate venue of Io Myers Studio. Join UNSW honours student Claudia Wherry, alongside fellow Taikoz members, with John Napier featuring on cello in this up-close and personal performance of selected works from Chi Udaka.

Claudia Wherry // Taikoz member
Kerryn Joyce // Taikoz Member
Ryuji Hamada // Taikoz Member
Sophia Ang // Taikoz Member
John Napier // Cello

Works composed by
Ian Cleworth
John Napier
John Cleworth

Choreographed by
Anton Lock (Taiko Choreography)

Event Dates