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With an emphasis on sound design, sonic pyrotechnics and atmosphere, this music is immersive and maximalist… It is visceral music that seeks to invade the embodied experience of the listener.

— Difficult Fun

Chunyin is the techno alias of celebrated pop musician and interdisciplinary artist, Rainbow Chan. What started as a series of experimental studies in the summer of 2013, Chunyin has grown to develop a strong voice of its own. Fitting under “deconstructed club music”, Chunyin crafts abstracted electronic forms, punctuated by jacking rhythms and unrelenting layers of signal degradation. Her performances are dynamic and shape-shifting, presented as hybrid DJ sets, performance lectures, or live beat-making with loops, voice, electronics and improvisations on saxophone.

We look forward to welcoming Chunyin back to Phoenix Central Park after her performance at 2021’s inaugural Essential Tremors festival.

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