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Our latest edition, CLUB 4A: Forever After, welcomes you to an intricate dance between cosmology & technology through the lens of electronic music, live performance and contemporary art. A nexus where diverse artistic expressions of the Asian diaspora flourish, this initiative emerges as an extension of 4A’s commitment to fostering cross-cultural dialogue between Australia and Asia since its inception in 1996.

Set at Manning Bar, Sydney, and nestled in a beautiful outdoor garden, we have created an immersive experience with works that explore queer utopia, the intersection of technology, and boundaries of the body soundtracked to forward-thinking dance and club music.

A day-to-night experience featuring some of the world’s best established and emerging musicians alongside a hot roster of so-called Australia’s diasporic talent, CLUB 4A: Forever After is an inseparable interplay between human material culture with the vast cosmos, unveiling how our comprehension of technology is shaped by the rich tapestry of cultural and philosophical frameworks in which it thrives.

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