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Traditional Cuban Musical such as the genre Son, Guaracha, Cha Cha Cha, Changui and Latin Jazz

Cuban Social Club is a group of Traditional Cuban Music created by Richard Ortega Cuban Musician that goes through different genres such as: Son, Cha Cha Cha, Guaracha, Changui etc.

This group is composed of a format of a Bassist, Keyboards with sounds of Guitar-Three, Congas, Bongo, a Trumpet which also acts as the lead Singer of the band.

Cuban Social Club is created to make everyone who loves Latin Music dance and enjoy, but especially Cuban Music.

Caio (Bass), Marcel León (keyboard), Ayhiko (Bongos-Vocal), Yuri (Congas-Vocal), Richard Ortega (Band leader, arrangement, Composer,Pianist, Trumpet and Vocal)

7pm Doors ?
8:30 pm – Bands

$20 +booking fee
$35+bf  Includes a pizza ?

Event Dates