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Dancin In The Street! Non Stop Motown With The Vintage Harmony Queens (Selling Fast)

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Non Stop Motown with The Vintage Harmony Queens

The Songs, The Sound, The Stories…

Prepare yourself to be caught the middle of a Chain Reaction, as these talented trio of ladies shine their light upon the era of MOTOWN!

The Roslyns is the Brainchild of Alanna Cherote, who searched for her perfect soul mates, and drifting into crooner heaven, when she heard the voices of Courtney Josh & Ayla Yuile.

There the story of ‘The Vintage Harmony Queens’ began.

“Where an eternal romance with classic 3-part harmonies, meets Pop-Jazz nostalgia at its finest” (Manly Daily Mar 18) 

“The Roslyns sashayed on stage and instantly took the room by storm. At first wearing spectacular costumes with headdresses that looked a little like the Statue of Liberty had come to play, Alanna, Ayla and Courtney immediately commanded attention… and then held it throughout two magnificent sets. Backed by a band as tight as their dresses, these stunning ladies sang powerfully in perfect three-part harmony. What struck me most was how different each individual voice was when listened to in isolation, yet how wonderfully they blended together when in unison. They complemented each other impeccably”  

(Dave Keogh Perfect Pitch Nov 2020) 

For The Roslyns, Motown isn’t just rhythm and blues with extra bass and fat vocals.

The era of Motown is spiritual, with intrinsic roots tied to the legendary musicians who made this genre possible. They honour the music as it lives on, with their unique take on the songs.

Keeping their elegant charm and candid vocal delivery, at the forefront. Their renditions are truly special, and truly their own.

Witness Classic Motown hits including – Dancing in The Street, Bring It on Home, Baby Love, Rescue Me, Le Freak, and many other once in a lifetime songs, you know and love!

DON’T MISS this opportunity to be reminded of what real music feels and sounds like.

Accompanied by their powerhouse band of renowned Australian musicians, there is really no good reason you won’t be turned Upside Down as you exit!

We think it’s just what the doctor ordered, as we groove back into normal life.

Be a part of a timeless experience, with a touch of enchantment that feels reminiscent of a bygone era.

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