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Darker HaIf – If You Only Toured 2024 w/ Dirty Pagans + more! Sydney – FREE ENTRY!

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If You Only Toured is Darker Half’s send-off to the “If You Only Knew” album. With a new studio album release just around the corner and following the release of the recent live album “If You Only… Live” the band wanted to give Australia a chance to see the show they’ve taken to Europe twice since the album’s release in 2020. Packed with fan favourites from the “If You Only Knew” album, some deep cuts from previous releases and maybe a sprinkling of something new, “If You Only Toured” is Australia’s first and last chance to see some of these songs performed before the band unveil their next chapter.
Joining them on the road, rattling venues and ruffling leathers since 2016, Adelaide’s Dirty Pagans continuously embark on a fearless mission to smear their gritty, thick, hard rock energy upon every surface they come up against. Coining themselves ‘riff n roll’, Dirty Pagans are a thumping cavalcade of sweeping riffs and soaring vocals all sealed together with an impervious rhythm section that undeniably sways a mass of attention their way with each and every show they play.
Plus local legends Durty Triix and T-Rex Autopsy – FREE ENTRY!

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