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deca joins ‘Reverie’s Edge’ Tour 2023 AU

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We’re thrilled to announce that DECA JOINS is going to have the Australian debut tour this May! The first stop will be in Sydney at Metro theatre, 10th May, and the following one will be at Melbourne Pavilion, Melbourne on 12th of May.

About deca joins,

Formed at the Taipei National University of the Arts in 2013, deca Joins began life first as FUBAR (Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition), before changing their name to Gray Dwarf Star, finally settling on current (permanent?) moniker in 2017.

Since the release of their second album, Bathroom, in 2017, deca Joins has quickly gathered hype within the Taiwan indie scene and without. A tour of Asia followed in 2018, after which the band immediately released a new EP, Go Slow. Another tour in support of the new EP was launched, spreading word about deca Joins to new shores.

2019 saw more accolades and accomplishments for deca Joins as the band garnered a Golden Melody Award nomination for Best Music Video for the eponymous single from the Go Slow EP. Capitalizing on their hard-won momentum, deca Joins continued to make 2019 their year as they reissued both the Go Slow EP and the full-length Bathroom on vinyl, and then turned around and further spat in the face of the “slacker” tag with the release of a second EP, When Fog Dissipates.

2020, after the huge success of international touring “Between Mountains”, deca joins released their latest album Bird and Reflections and was nominated as Best Band in Golden Melody Award, enabling the band to be recognised as one of the best bands in Asia.

Let’s witness the bright 2023 of deca joins and enjoy their ‘Reverie’s Edge’ tour in Australian together!


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