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“tonight should cement beyond any doubt – if any was left – that he’s not just a spectacle but his body of work is near peerless in its creativity and sheer life-affirming splendour.” 10/10 Distorted Sound Magazine

Devin Townsend is a relentless force, fearlessly pushing the boundaries of artistic expression.

A genius, an eccentric mastermind, an orchestrator, and a comedian all rolled into one.

His ability to seamlessly transition from creating crushingly heavy sounds to crafting ethereal and otherworldly ambience is not merely a display of immense talent; it lies at the very core of his being. Each album he releases provides a glimpse into the depths of his soul, a tormented spirit finding solace and therapy in his own creations.

From the raw intensity of Strapping Young Lad to the ethereal beauty of Ocean Machine, from Infinity to The Devin Townsend Project, from the atmospheric tranquility of Casualties Of Cool to the zany universe of Ziltoid, his repertoire is an infinite spectrum of exploration.

Townsend’s connection to music, where he perceives notes as vibrant colours and captivating shapes, serves as a cornerstone of his creativity. It breathes new life into his sonic landscapes, immersing listeners in a world that evokes profound emotional responses. Attending a Devin Townsend concert is not a mere event, it is a transcendental experience that leaves you with more questions than answers, yet undeniably humbled.

The current tour has seen Townsend curate a set list that celebrates his legendary career, drawing not only from his brilliant recent album Lightwork, but delving all the way back to Devin Townsend Project, Infinity and even Strapping Young Lad.

Catch the genius at work this November!


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