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dip – Early Show with Romaeo + Brigitte Serhan + Frank The Poet

past event


Early Show: Saturday, 1 May 2021 6:30 PM
Late Show: Saturday, 1 May 2021 9:30 pm
A 4-piece formed in Sydney’s inner-west on the fringe of the early 2020 isolation, dip got real dark real quick. A canvas of doomy riffs & erratic heartbeats, noise rock melancholy, sharp synths, visceral poetry and modern mantras.
dip is hustling fast and hard, have sold out every show played so far, playing what’s been likened to a theatre show to seated covid audiences, dip has rapidly gained a loyal local following, with a compassionate & cathartic live show, already headlining Sydney’s Factory Theatre & playing the iconic Landsdowne.

dip has been described as a Grunge/Post-punk/Art Rock trinity and are an experience of shadow, absurdity & breaking the 4th wall.

On Fire Escape: The chorus is the most absurd line in the song, and last year when we were writing it, the world was in an absurd place, yet pop artists were releasing these inspirational covid singalong videos, that were at total dissonance with how everyone was actually feeling.

Being sick of the big chorus brainwashing hooks that the industry relies on for streams, we like the idea of making our choruses ridiculous mantras that feel real and contain an honest and obscure truth.

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