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With Dazastah + 5Past

Village Sounds is excited to announce the 20th Anniversary of Australian hip-hop icon Drapht’s debut album “Pale Rider”, featuring special guest Dazastah.

From the artist:

This will be the first time I am taking these songs out on a national run after releasing the album 20 years ago. I’m really excited to be playing these shows, in intimate settings, at venues that were around within the early 2000’s era to create the full memory lane, Pale Rider experience.

I had to have my brother Dazastah support these shows. When we made this album 20 years ago,  we were just kids doing what we loved, and no way did we ever expect life to unfold the way that it has. So to be able to bring Daz out on these shows and celebrate the 20 years milestone and a career that he helped to build, is something I’m eternally grateful for.

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