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Eastwood + The Summer Guppys + Wisdom Teeth

31 July 2024 7:00 pm


Aye aye, matey! Meet Eastwood, the scurvy dogs of rock ‘n’ roll, led by the fearless Captain Mollie Emery!

Captain Mollie Emery, the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, be leadin’ this swashbucklin’ band, chartin’ the course and singin’ like a siren on the high seas!

First Mate Jett Eastwood, the lead guitarist and vocalist, be the trusted right-hand man, wieldin’ his axe like a trusty cutlass and harmonisin’ like a sea shanty!

Bassist and keykeeper Martin Lee be the ship’s navigator, keepin’ the rhythm tight and the beats strong, like a chest overflowin’ with golden doubloons!

And drummer Chris Harris be the ship’s cannon, blastin’ away with drums like a mighty sea battle!

Together, they be Eastwood, the band that be takin’ the world by storm, one song at a time! So hoist the colours, me hearties, and join the crew!

The Summer Guppys are a four piece rock & roll outfit from Wollongong, Australia. Founded in the garage of Mr Strange in late September of 2023, the Guppy’s have become known for their high energy live sets and charismatic personalities. Cementing themselves in their local music scene, selling out their first headline bills. Taking influence from classic rock and current Aussie outfits. Blending each of their own genre fluid background’s they have been brought up on.

Wisdom Teeth – strumming guitars in the garage and serenading the streets of Wollongong, wisdom teeth are here to bring you alt tunes fueled with angst and anger. ????

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