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Eric Tsai Quartet + Beat City Alpha (DOUBLE BILL) – LIVE AT BUTCHERS BREW BAR!!

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Eric Tsai Quartet + Beat City Alpha (DOUBLE BILL)

Eric Tsai Quartet focuses primarily on creating musical conversations within the band & with the audience. The group is led by guitarist Eric Tsai, whose playing & compositions draw influence from the likes of Jim Hall, to oriental folk melodies & impressionists such as Debussy.

Experience a night of great originals, Jazz standards & arrangements of classic tunes!

⭐️  Eric Tsai (Guitar)

⭐️  Aidan Wong (Tenor Sax)

⭐️  Callum Eggins (Bass).

⭐️  Manson Luk (Drums)

Beat City Alpha is a new & shiny fusion band whose sole objective is to get people dancing to the funkiest music this side of the harbour bridge!!  With the sexy licks of Noa Kidd & the lush chords of James Williams, beat city alpha’s beat station is manned by drummer Shannon Agius & Bass Lord Riley McInnes. We expect high levels of groovy rhythms & jazzy licks, coated in 80s nostalgia!! Wow!

⭐️ Noa Kidd (Guitar)

⭐️ James Williams (Keys)

⭐️ Riley McInnes. (Bass)

⭐️ Shannon Agius (Drums)

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