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Fever Ray (Karin Dreijer of The Knife)

past event


Shapeshifting Swedish synth pop star makes their long awaited Australian debut

From the spectral synth beats of The Knife to the shapeshifting pop soundscapes of their solo work, Swedish avant garde alchemist Karin Dreijer – aka Fever Ray – has carved a singular, uncompromising path through 21st century electronic music. Now, after two decades of wildly ambitious techno pop, the acclaimed artist is set to make their long awaited Australian debut, performing two shows in the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall for Vivid LIVE.


With their mysterious masked image and a voice that seemed to summon the realms of the supernatural, Fever Ray exploded onto the music scene as one half of Swedish electronic pioneers The Knife, the experimental dance duo they co-founded with their brother Olof Dreijer in 1999. After the group’s wildly successful third album, Silent Shout – named by Pitchfork as the best album of 2006 – Fever Ray released their 2009 self-titled debut, a modern masterpiece of haunting, left-field electro pop that yielded the hits “If I Had A Heart” and “Keep the Streets Empty for Me”. It was followed by 2017’s transformative Plunge, which found Dreijer embracing their newfound queer identity through a set of irresistibly sensual, alien pop songs — including “To the Moon and Back”, “Wanna Sip” and the Björk collaboration “This Country” – that sounded unlike anything on the music landscape. Last year, Fever Ray returned with Radical Romantics, featuring co-production from Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross and Dreijer’s brother Olof. Continuing Fever Ray’s radical exploration of identity and desire, the record – featuring such left-field pop gems as “Kandy”, “What They Call Us” and “Carbon Dioxide” – was hailed by many critics as their finest work to date.


An unparalleled visual artist who brings their avant garde sensibilities to the stage, Fever Ray is set to deliver a live performance every bit as exhilarating as their music.

Presented by Sydney Opera House

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