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We’re heading back to the The Gaspo once again with a dynamic double bill and you should too!!

Flowers For Jayne are Sydney’s premier power trio, serving up a swag of original indie pop-punk anthems including fan favourites, Dangerous Woman, You’re Not What I’m Looking For and On My Mind. FFJ was founded by former Lime Spiders lead guitarist, Jayne Murphy, who crafts songs that are rock, pop, punk, indie, folk and glam all at the same time, or are they?!

One may find it virtually impossible to explain No Illuminati’s style in one, two or three words. First associations might be “funkcore” and “jazz hop”. It’s incredible how the band mixes dance music and jazz standards with rhythm-and-blues, hard rock, trip hop, “Nu-blues” and “tech-funk” and the result sounds like none of those.

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