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Ghibli & J-Pop (Nana Koizumi & The Consouls)

28 July 2024 5:00 pm


Jazz-infused interpretations of Studio Ghibli melodies & J-Pop hits

Join us for an enchanting evening of jazz-infused interpretations of beloved Studio Ghibli melodies and classic J-Pop hits. Join Nana Koizumi, trumpeter and vocalist, and The Consouls, featuring special guest Timothy Gian on drums, as we take you on a journey that pays homage to the latest and greatest in Japanese music!

Nana Koizumi (Tp & Vo), Julian Sanchez (Keys), Jonathan Gamra (Bass) & Timothy Gian (Drums)


Nana Koizumi  –  Nana Koizumi, based in Nara Prefecture, Japan, is a trumpeter, vocalist, composer, educator, graphic designer, and the appointed tourism ambassador of Kashihara City. At the forefront of jazz trumpeter/vocalists in Japan, Nana Koizumi’s innate ability to deliver breathtaking performances in any musical genre continues to uplift her audiences with her beautiful tone and captivating voice.

Nana’s life as a musician has made her a world traveler of sorts, as she performed in events and parties in music scenes across the globe, from New York, Los Angeles, Thailand, Korea and Canada until finally, in November 2022, she moved to Australia.

On International Jazz Day 2023 she performed at two renowned live venues in Sydney, Butchers Brew Bar and Lazybones Lounge, each to a full house. She’s since become a regular feature on Melbourne’s beloved and long-running PBS radio program, performing to an audience both in-studio and over the airwaves.

In February 2024, she participated in an event with “Sampa the Great,” dubbed the Queen of Hip Hop, in a performance at Fed Square. In March, she appeared at the Alibaba EXPO at the International Convention Centre. Additionally, she performed at the JAPAN EXPO in Melbourne in May 2024 and the SydFest Independent Film Festival in June 2024.

In addition to her own performances, Nana also launched a project that showcases Japanese musical culture through jazz abroad. The “Japanese Music Project” aims to bridge Japan and Australia through music!

The Consouls – The Consouls are a Sydney based ensemble that combine jazz and video game music to create a sound unlike any other. Think Mario meets Miles Davis, Skyrim meets Sonny Rollins or Pokemon meets Oscar Peterson. Their jazz arrangements of video game tunes have a distinct sound that is sure to please musicians and gamers alike.

Best known for their YouTube channel which has showcased new arrangements weekly for over 10 years, the band has also headlined at a number of conventions around Australia as well as regular tours around Japan. The group’s premiere live stream series, Consouls Radio, is a monthly concert that has attracted local fans and a global audience alike through livestreaming.

In 2023, the band came full circle and made their maiden voyage in video games, contributing to the soundtrack for ‘Advance Wars 1+2 Re-boot Camp’, one of Nintendo’s most anticipated video games of 2023.


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