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Good Ramen storm into the Factory with reckless abandon; waving their two newest tracks like winning lottery tickets, and shouting belligerently at passer-by’s. Morbid curiosity overwhelms you – what are they talking about? Small Cars? Goblins? You enter, greeted by an overwhelming warmth and the smell of fresh bread.

In the corner, you’re greeted by an old friend. One you don’t remember the name of, but you remember their smile; their kind eyes like stepping into a warm room after being out in the cold. You feel your persistent shell of discomfort melt away in their presence; your bad knee, no longer aching.

You had forgotten about the three hooligans who had enticed you into the building in the first place, until the gentle murmur of the crowd around you disappears, like the unnoticeable hum of a refrigerator, suddenly absent. House lights dim, but your eyes, now darting between faces in the crowd, adjust without worry. You turn back, expectant of that comforting grin (one you still couldn’t quite remember the name of), but the friend is gone. Instead, your focus is drawn to the stage.

That familiar grin is now shared by three people, holding instruments. The haze clouding your vision clears, and, as if for the first time, you’re seeing clearly. The people on the stage are illuminated, and every detail of their hands, their faces, their souls, seem in perfect clarity. You take a deep breath in, and the smell of fresh bread lingers – now deeply woven with the rich scent of sandalwood – you’re now fully aware of your surroundings. A crowd surrounds you. A band holds your attention. The name you had been searching for dances on the tip of your tongue. As if, from some deep, primal part of you, you remember. You know. You’ve always known.

“Good Ramen.”

Finally, music plays. The first notes, like an earthquake, shake the room, and reverberate within your ears. Good Ramen, is entirely, wholly, and intoxicatingly…

Fine? I guess? It’s alright. It’s pretty good. 45 minutes is a long set but you can get through it. Their merch is cool, though!

Good Ramen, playing their home show on their Small Goblin tour, with friends L.A.R.M & Eeyore.

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