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GUTTERFIRE! “Still More Chill” NSW Tour @ Link & Pin w/ Glycereens & The Grounds

past event


Doors 2:00 pm
2:00 pm – GUTTERFIRE!
3:00 pm – The Grounds
4:00 pm – GLYCEREENS
A 4 piece from Brisbane, the Glycereens blend their dirty bubblegum aesthetics with garage punk rock tones to create a fuzzed-out sound that is both energetic and super loud. Rising from the ashes of noisy garage heaven in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, the Glycereens are spreading their fuzzy love throughout the cosmos.
The Grounds
THE GROUNDS is a motley collection, that should know better, reveling in loud, loose rock and roll with more than a smattering of punk rock sensibility. With members from such eclectic outfits as Rubix Cuba, Moth, Muzzy Pep, The Great Dividing Range, Tax Sea Cabs, Grannyfist and Dog, this is a band whose sound will grab you by the throat from the first chord, melt your face, shake you around a bit, and shout you a schooner afterwards.
How do you mix doom with punk, with alt rock, with metal, with hardcore, with desert rock, with blues, with a genuine admiration for Kylie Minogue? Good question. But answering that is something GUTTERFIRE! have set themselves as a goal and so far it’s going pretty well. 5 years, 6 singles and an album later, Brisbane’s rifflords are riding high on a steady ascension driven by electric live shows, a dedicated fanbase and the desire to give the people something just a little bit different. Having survived the pandemic just as they were achieving peak exposure, the boys spent 2022 rebuilding that momentum and are set to have 2023 be the best year yet. While recently signing a licensing deal with Wormholedeath Records and having scored supports with some of Australia’s best alternative rock bands, they are now hard at work on their second record and have extensive tours planned up and down the East Coast of Australia for 2023. Now’s the time to get onboard.

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