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“Empty Voices” composed and arranged by Hamed Sadeghi, the Persian Australian tar
virtuoso, serves as evidence of his musical skills. With a career spanning four acclaimed
albums since 2016, Sadeghi’s artistry has earned recognition through nominations for two
ARIA Awards and finalist positions at the Art Music Awards.

In “Empty Voices” Sadeghi has orchestrated a project for a seven-piece ensemble featuring
himself on the tar and Australian Jazz figures Sandy Evans (soprano and tenor saxophone),
Lloyd Swanton (double bass), Paul Cutlan (bass clarinet) along with rising stars Michael
Avgenciso (alto saxophone), Tom Avgenciso (trumpet) and Adem Yilmaz (percussions). This
project includes four horns, a set of percussion, double bass and the Persian tar that is
expected to be loud yet it presents a linear gentle soundscape. “Empty Voices” tries to define a new form of beauty and tries to present a forgotten love through music.

A sophisticated mix of Persian classical with western contemporary music has provided a
perfect medium for this exploration, with its emphasis on improvisation, ornamentation,
and emotional expression. Sadeghi has drawn on traditional Persian music, Western Jazz and
improvisation to create a fusion that reflects the glory of cultures that is at the heart of
“Empty Voices”.

“Empty Voices” made its debut at the Sydney Festival in 2023 (two sold out concerts at The ACO’s The Neilson), evolving continuously since its inception. The project received an invitation to perform at the (two sold out concerts at The Studio) Sydney Opera House, Ten Days on The Island Festival in Tasmania and toured across Australia, with final performances at the Melbourne International Jazz Festival and Brisbane International Jazz.

“Empty Voices” will be released wordwide mid June 2024.

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