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Hashshashin + Godswounds + Fabulous Contraption

past event


Three aggressively different, long-term stalwarts of Sydney music, ???????? ???????????, ?????????? and ??????????? unite to play a night of balkan infused prog, 8 bit flavoured weirdo rock and middle eastern inspired psych.
Who’s headlining? We don’t know. Who’s opening? We don’t know that either. Why? Because we can.
Taking place on February 2nd at Lazybones, this event will confound you with set times as much as musical eclecticism. Thanks to recent breakthroughs in CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY, lineup order will be determined on the night mere seconds before performance via DIGITAL ALEATORIC GENERATION to keep you on your toes. Get along early, grab yourself a curry/cocktail and prepare to be unprepared for a night of genuine musical diversity.
???????? ??????????? – Firmly planted in folk, gypsy and jazz roots, Fabulous Contraption employs Dave Carr’s unique sensibilities as an Australian/New Zealand musician and composer in the realm of progressive rock and metal. A founding force behind FrogFest, a creative colleague of the Crooked Fiddle Band family and having played much-loved events such as Winter Magic Festival and Night of the Living Guitars, Fabulous Contraption create fractal-like instrumental music that churns with celtic geometry, flamenco fire and balkan viscera to deliver dexterous, inspiring performance and compositional clout to the broader genre of contemporary prog.
“They are fantastic. No more, no less.” – Alive 90.5 FM
Listen here:
?????????? – For fans of Zappa, Ween, Deerhoof, the Pixies and Super Mario Brothers, GODWOUNDS combine the blips and chirps of 8 bit video game synths, the melody/cacophony of brass and a tempestuous rhythm section inspired equally by 70s Rock and 90s Grunge. GODSWOUNDS have toured extensively in Taiwan, Japan and Australia, including an east coast run supporting Regurtitator and participation in a veritable cornucopia of international festivals. With previous album released through American label, Joyful Noise (featuring members of Oxbow, Mr. Bungle, Melvins, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum and Red Sparowes), GODSWOUNDS return to Lazybones, bringing a barrage of new music from their forthcoming second album to anyone willing to shoulder it.
“The soundtrack to a kaiju video game nightmare.” – Highway 11
Listen here:…/death-to-the...
??????????? – a loose amalgamation of molecules which give the appearance of persistence through both space and time. The trio play a psychedelic, sun-baked brand of progressive music, informed by their love of music from Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, India and beyond.
“Often ragged and cathartic, this is, in its own way, soul music, music that taps into a primal, tribal, part of our consciousness that we, in our too comfortable Western civilisation, rarely draw from.” – Echoes And Dust
Listen here:
$15+bf entry
$30+bf entry with a meal ?
7pm doors ?
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11.30pm late night band
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