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Heart Of Mind + Jacky Brown Jnr + Sal & The Manders

past event


2021 looks to be a banner year for Heart of Mind.

Their live show has already wowed audiences at a number of venues, they have recorded a soon to be released music video and already have a couple of songs in the bag being readied for release.

Heart Of Mind describes their music as “colour rock”, their unique take on synth-infused rock, a style and a sound that brings the crowd to new highs, even if it is just crazy chair dancing in this covid environment and makes sure they have an awesome night of live music.

Jackie Brown Jr is an indie rock and soul Sydney five-piece consisting of lead singer and saxophonist Madeleine Mallis (Good Pash), drummer and MC Rhyan Clapham (DOBBY), guitarist and keyboard player Michael J Brady, bassist Gideon Traurig, and guitarist Hilary Geddes (The Buoys).

Over the past five years, Jackie Brown Jr have featured on the lineups of Australian Music Week, Rabbits Eat Lettuce and have supported the likes of Donny Benet, Montaigne and Dear Seattle. The band have also enjoyed airtime on Triple J and playlist inclusions on Unearthed.

Jackie Brown Jr is that first few moments of a hot shower on a cold evening – while someone plays sax in your bathroom. Prepare for the musical experience that is Jackie Brown Jr, a tight funk infused mix of soul, rock and hip hop. Featuring an unprecedented amount of live energy, face melting solos, drumming and rapping at the same time, this Sydney based five piece should be on your bucket list.

In the two years that they have been playing together, Sydney trio of pop-punk dweebs, Sal & the Mandas have released three singles, an EP and two music videos. They have also taken their energetic live show through regional Australia and across the ocean to Japan and Singapore. Their latest single, “Highway Lines” is an upbeat, summer classic and is out now on all music streaming services.


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