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Hits Bits & Beyond – Jason Singh – Taxiride

past event


Bidding wars, exotic overseas studios and years of international touring established
Jason Singh and his band Taxiride as one of Australia’s biggest musical exports.
With two consecutive number one platinum selling albums, nine top 40 hit singles
including the top five hits “Get Set”, “Everywhere You Go”, and the most played song
on Australian radio in 2002 “Creepin’ Up Slowly”, they were at the top of the Australian
music industry.

20 years later, including a hiatus, a reunion and an established solo career, it’s time to
join Taxiride frontman Jason Singh as he continues the ride in a series of shows taking
you on a journey beyond the hits.

“I’m proud of everything I’ve done,” Jason says, “Taxiride is where it all started for me.
I’m excited about playing this show and getting to play a collection of songs I’ve rarely,
some never, played live.”

The HITS BITS & BEYOND show will see Jason perform all the iconic hits along with
material from deep within the Taxiride catalogue – including “Skin”, “Saffron” and
“Voodoo Doll Sin”.

With a studio album, a covers album and a string of singles including two dance club
hits, Jason will also feature a variety of his solo material, which has seen him tour
extensively with a long list of accomplished artists including Mariah Carey, Rick Astley,
Hanson and John Farnham.

Stories, influences and insights from over 20 years of touring; you can be sure, as
Jason Singh plays Taxiride, that each show is set to be a different ride.

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