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Alongside the announcement of an east coast tour this January and February, today HOLY HOLY reveals new single Port Rd feat. Queen P and the accompanying video via Wonderlick Recordings. The urgent and ambitious new single showcases the latest progression in their shapeshifting sound as they maintain an unshakable sense of what has come to define them.


Port Rd, inspired by a quote from author Arundhati Roy, focuses on the terrifying-yet-exciting nature of change and what awaits on the other side.


The track features a collaboration with emerging Melbourne rapper, Queen P, whose fresh presence on the record complements Tim Carroll’s rich vocals. “I love the energy she brings,” he says. “I love collaboration. There’s something really nice about a song having multiple characters – in every way; in the texture of the voice, in the personality and in the story. We feel privileged that she’s up for that.”


HOLY HOLY also invited fans to submit their vocals via social media, to form the choir that drives much of the emotional punch of the song.

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