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Human Noise ” Bad Language” single release

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Following on from the blistering 2020 release ‘How is it You Do That?’, today Human Noise keep the energy rolling with their new single ‘Bad Language’, an angsty slice of punk rock. Cleverly shrouded in good humourand self-awareness, Bad language is about self sabotage and the fear of failure.
The chorus is an anthem for every twenty-something carving out a path and suffering the blows along the way, whether they be inevitable or self-inflicted. It is a vulnerable and angry earworm whose first world frustrations about eftpos fees and unreliable public transport veil a deeper inner turmoil. The accompanying video clip, directed by the band and shot by AnnieRose Collis captures the frantic energy of the single and theHuman Noise live show. Shot in one take with a handy cam, the clip is a shaky, lo-fiexperience.Led by frontman-songwriter Eddie Boyd, the Sydney/Wollongong based band released their debut album as Boydos in 2019 and are gearing towards the first full length release as Human Noise in 2021. Dishing out candid observations of the day to day while musically sitting somewhere between The Velvet Underground and Radiohead, Human Noise is one of the country’s most exciting emerging acts. You can catch them at their upcoming Bad language single launch shows in Sydney, Wollongong, Katoombaand Newcastle.

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