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Jannah Quill is a Naarm (Melbourne) based cross-disciplinary artist exploring the boundaries of electronic music production and performance through technological research and experimentation. She has an ongoing interest in the interplay between light and sound, with major presentations of audio visual works which use innovative A/V systems to invert conventional signal flows and sonify light. Her music production is a reflection of her varied experience across experimental music, sound design and contemporary club contexts, as well as her ongoing practice in modular and analogue synthesis; the latter of which has spurred research into relationships between generative synthesis, aleatoric and intuitive composition and feminine technological histories.

She has performed extensively nationally within Australia including at Soft Centre Festival, Liquid Architecture Festival, Unsound Festival: Adelaide, AGNSW Volume Festival, Supersense Festival (with Fujui Wang), Museum of Contemporary Art, Arts Center Melbourne, Ian Potter Museum of Art, Artspace, Arts House, Underbelly Arts Festival, Melbourne Music Week and numerous clubs and listening spaces.

She has been invited to perform internationally at National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (TW), Ting Shou Hear Say (TW), Korner (TW), Kyoto Art Center (JP), Niman-Denatsu (JP), Forest Limit (JP), Fruity Loop (JP), Elektronmusikstudion (SE), Nonagon Festival (SE), Dim (RS) and Audio Foundation (NZ).

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