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Sydney songwriter Jo Meares released his album ‘Dream Hotel’ in November 2022.

‘Dream Hotel’ is produced by Melbourne musician/ producer Anth Dymke (Pony Face).The album is a collaboration. Jo and Anth have been exploring their musical partnership over the last three years, taking inspiration, shaping and re- contextualising each others ideas as they built an album’s worth of atmospheric sonic landscapes around Meares’s evocative and poetic songs.

The combination of Jo’s songwriting, his Cohen-esque weathered tone, halfway between a whisper and a growl, and Anth’s textured sonic terrains with their soundtrack-like emotionality, is the absolute key to why these two continue to create such compelling music.
Jo and Anth have put together a sublime band of musicians who will be playing at the Great Club
Expect lush backing vocals, sublime violin and saw, lovely electronic sounds and piano, gorgeous guitar and percussion and brilliant songs.
Jo will play ‘The Dream Hotel’ in full and some songs from previous albums.

Sydney singer/songwriter JESSICA will open the show.

Jo Meares – vocal, Jessie Newling – backing vocals, Jessica – backing vocals, Reuben Alexander – drums/percussion, Anth Dymke – bass, Michael Bridges – violin/saw, Matt Galvin – guitar, Brad Christmas – piano/keys

“Meares, collaborating with Melbourne musician Anth Dymke of Pony Face, manages to draw in those elements of music that make it so cathartic and moving – think of artists like Tindersticks, Sigur Ros and the like who manage convey such feeling and emotion into their work, resulting in extremes: a sort of euphoria mixed with melancholy.”
Arun Kendall Backseat Mafia

“Man, this is gorgeous!”
Mark Rogers Nashville Babylon (Radio New Zealand) on ‘The Dream Hotel’

Dream Hotel’ is a magnificent tour de force: an assemblage of pure emotion that breathes softly down your neck and take possession of your very soul. Enchanting, transfixing, mesmerising: weaving an indelible spell. This is pure magic’
– Arun Kendall, Backseat Mafia 9.5/10

‘I was hipped to this Australian singer/songwriter in the very best way: A mate kindly gave me one of his LPs and just told me to listen. I did. And I still am! Jo Meares has a dark whisper of a voice. He is like an introverted, quiet Paul Kelly. The writing is profound, the production and delivery exquisite. He might be the Aussie Bill Callahan in fact’
– Simon Sweetman, Radio NZ/Off the Tracks

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