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Jordi Savall with Hespèrion XXI

past event


Showcasing the magnificently renewed sound of the Concert Hall, Spanish conductor, composer and master of the viol, Jordi Savall returns with ancient music ensemble Hespèrion XXI  for a breathtaking journey through early classical music.

A classical music master showcases the stunning new Concert Hall

What better way to showcase the stunning acoustics, warmth and authenticity of the renewed Concert Hall than with an evening of early classical music from one of the masters of the form? Returning to the Sydney Opera House for one night only, revered Catalan composer and viola da gamba player Jordi Savall will bring his legendary early-music ensemble Hespèrion XXI, to the venue’s flagship performance space, leading the audience on an aural odyssey spanning centuries and continents.

Since forming his iconic ensemble  Hespèrion XXI in the early ’70s, the Grammy-nominated, multi-million record selling Savall has built an acclaimed career exploring the people and places where global musical traditions intersect, reviving once-forgotten works from the Middle Ages to the Baroque era and breaking down barriers between Western classical music and its counterparts from across the world. Savall’s live performances, with his gifted instrumentalists in Hespèrion XXI, are renowned for their gorgeous playing and wildly imaginative fusion of sounds, drawing inspiration from diverse cultures to transport the past to the spectacular present. At a sprightly 82, the talents of this venerable maestro remain undiminished.

Presented by Sydney Opera House

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