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Josh Shipton and the Blue Eyed Ravens “Would You Rather?” Kids’ E.P. Launch Party with Doctor Robot, S.Miles & Sandwich Magic

past event


Hey kids! That’s right! It’s not a joke! The Blue Eyed Ravens have actually recorded a kids’ album of songs called Would You Rather? and we’re gonna launch it at the very great Great Club (it’s in the name) during the day at noon! Aaaaaand EVERYONE IS INVITED! ALL AGES! KIDS AND CONCESSIONS ARE HALF PRICE!!! Now… to sweeten the deal we’re gonna give you a little something extra. Doctor Robot from the year 9000000, Sandwich Magic and the smiliest smile that ever smiled S.Miles! If you can find better entertainment for your kids then you ca… look… you can’t. There is no way you can find better entertainment for your kids. Just come along.

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