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Jupiter 5 “Fifth From The Sun” CD launch with Simon Chainsaw & The Liberators and Primo Mofo

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Brace Yourselves, Rock Warriors! The Cosmic Storm You’ve Been Awaiting Is Finally Here! After a year of celestial alignment and astral preparation, the Sydney rock veterans of Jupiter 5 are unleashing their debut album “Fifth From The Sun” upon an unsuspecting universe.

This dazzling 13-track masterpiece is a protopunk-garage-meets-rifferama-psych explosion that will shake the foundations of your reality!

The launch party for this otherworldly odyssey takes place at Marrickville Bowling Club on Friday, May 3, marking Jupiter 5’s first planetary descent since their last in-the-flesh appearance in July 2023.

While the band members have been traversing alternate dimensions with “other projects” and astral travels, they’ve channelled their cosmic energies into crafting this mind-melting masterwork.

Joining Jupiter 5 on this transcendental journey are support acts Simon Chainsaw and the Liberators and Primo Mofo, ensuring a night of auditory nirvana that will leave you questioning the very fabric of existence.

Forged in the molten cores of Sugarplum Studios and Zen Studios, “Fifth From The Sun” is a kaleidoscopic sonic vortex that melds edgy ’60s and ’70s rock with a smattering of psychedelic weirdness.

From the frenetic pump and grind of “Mockingbird Mosh” to the thunderous thump of “Elephant Finger” and the celestial charm of “Too High To Die”, this is a classic slice of guitar mayhem that will liquefy your cerebral cortex.

The intergalactic rock evangelists of Jupiter 5 – Jay Younie (vocals), Vince Cuscuna (guitar), Angelo Antodormi (guitar), Peter “Rossy” Ross (bass), and James McQuade (drums) – have honed their cosmic crafts across myriad musical endeavors, including The Conspirators, Thurston Howlers, and 69BC.

With stellar support slots for X, Chris Masuak’s Dog Soldier, The Johnnys, The Stripp, and Grindhouse already under their asteroid belts, Jupiter 5 are undoubtedly one of the most engaging and mind-melting live acts in the Sydney galaxy.

“Fifth From The Sun” is more than just an album – it’s a cosmic revelation that will sear its indelible mark upon the rest of the solar system and beyond. Prepare to have your consciousness expanded, rock warriors! Grab a copy at the launch on CD on I-94 Bar Records.

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