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Keyna Wilkins + Passacaglia Nuovo

past event


Keyna Wilkins + Passacaglia Nuovo – Friday, 14th of May 2021:

Join us for a night of unique music from some of Sydney’s best cross-genre musicians!


“Wilkins is a powerhouse player.” – JAZZ JOURNAL UK

“Keyna Wilkins is a restless artist. An adventurous soloist, equally brilliant as a pianist and flutist” – AUSTRALIAN JAZZ 

“New music and jazz composer, and multi-talented musician Wilkins is in equal parts Debussy, Miles Davis and flamenco. It all makes for an irresistible mix” – ​LIMELIGHT MAGAZINE

Keyna Wilkins is a leading musician-composer who performs her own unique compositions, improvisations and interpretations often with loop pedal and projections. She was one of three national finalists in the APRA/AMCOS Art Music Awards for Individual Excellence 2018. In her solo shows, Wilkins explores the concept of Ad Libitum, stream-of-consciousness improvisations alongside her composed pieces, often using loop pedal and visual projections. Stylistically broad, inspired by Miles Davis and Debussy in equal measure, her concerts will take you on a journey of impressionistic dream-like sequences alongside landscape depictions, existential philosophical quests alongside whimsical gestures. She has performed her solo show around Australia including Phoenix Central Park, MONA, Sydney Women’s International Jazz Festival, Melbourne Digital Concert Hall, Australian Flute Festival and many other venues. She has released 4 solo albums; So What Bach (piano improvisations on JS Bach classics), Air In Motion (flute compositions and
improvisations), Keys Across The Sky (piano compositions and improvisations) and Jazz Reverie (piano improvisations). Her solo albums and performances have received rave reviews from UK Jazz Journal, Limelight Magazine and more. All of her flute and piano works are published by Wirripang and are performed internationally.

While classically trained in UK, Germany and Sydney Conservatorium, she has branched into jazz, flamenco, live theatre and has studied intuitive conceptual improvisation with Tibetan Buddhist musician Tenzin Cheogyal. She has performed in ensembles and solo around the world.



“Passacaglia Nuova” is a Baroque Jazz ensemble featuring soprano Roberta Diamond, jazz guitarist Felix Lalanne and improvising double bassist Elsen Price. The trio formed in 2021 with a combined passion for the various styles of Italian, English, and French Baroque music, and the improvising
language of jazz.

The trio has performed in Sydney to local acclaim. Individually, the members have led significant careers internationally, giving a broad sense of influence and individuality to some of Western Music’s most creative works.

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