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LaHi – ‘Purge’ Debut EP Release Tour

past event


LaHi’s Debut EP ‘The Purge’ with its incongruous funky beats rock you physically and mentally 

With support from Ragdoll and Dazed.

Sydney’s LaHi’s solo EP “The Purge” takes on many facets of the human condition and juxtaposes it with musically intoxicating tunes that ring through your head all day. Mixed and mastered by Ben Briddon, the eccentric quirks of her songwriting are exemplified by clever layering and subtle technique

The EP explores relationship breakdown, the fascinating concept of catch 22, the dangers of political ideologies and hypocrisy itself. These conceptual ideas alongside LaHi’s smooth jazzy vocals and full body of layered guitar and drums create a realm of a serendipitous chaos.

Breaking the barriers between music as expression and creating an art, her songs create separate worlds utilizing techniques from jazz, pysch metal and rock. This combination and the non-sequitur nature of her songs flowing rhythmically despite the disjointed changes truly sets her apart from the pack.

Accurately named “The Purge,” this EP follows a personal experience of isolation and societal truths from a middle class perspective.

Whilst the voice is echoed and reflective of a wider experience the analysis is wholly unique and provides a deep understanding of humanity itself.

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