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Lilas Album Launch

past event


After years of writing and recording, the sydney based five piece Lilas – Solomon Steele, Angus Webster, Pete Longhurst, Will Obrien, Hugo Wrench – are excited to present their debut album in full for you. Their music can be described as understated, yet heartfelt indie rock. A kaleidoscopic and grounded exploration of life, home, the self, and change. The song’s narrate and unveil long and painful seasons of upheaval endured as a young adult, attempting to field all the external and internal chaos of carving out a space in this life that feels sincere. Solomon Steele’s softly spoken, unassuming yet direct baritone vocal underpins the music with a sense of inevitability, straddling the idioms of poetic and intuitive.


They are first and foremost a studio band, developing calculated and dense musical palettes through a creative and free approach to the recording process. This gives the music a sense of always living in the present, shifting and alive. Their sound is characterised by interlocking guitar work, warm synths, and the mixture of digital and acoustic drums. The album had a staggered approach to sound design, being passed through the hands of producers Angus Webster, Peter Longhurst, and David Muratore.


Drawing from the worlds of The National, The War on Drugs, Bon Iver, and Sigur Ros, this body of work traverses from heart wrenching despair, to a tender hug of hope, bravery, kindness, and personal growth. We cannot wait to share this songs with all of you.

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