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Lily Guerrero feat. Andro Martinez

past event


Lily Guerrero featuring Andro Martinez

Bringing their Chilean backgrounds & love of music together, this dynamic duo will have you grooving in your seats.

Lily Guerrero is a key player in the vibrant Sydney Latin scene. Born in Montreal, raised in Sydney on the South American folklore of her Chilean parents, Lily developed her interest in dance & song from a young age. She is now a versatile performer: she sings; she dances; she plays Cajon, Guitar & Charango. Lily brings her folklore touch to a range of cover material & original compositions.

Andro Martinez from the prestigious Martinez family & Gang of Brothers. He plays percussion, bass, synths, samples all on the guitar. All brought together by his mastery of looping. Add the special Latin flavors from Lily &  this duo is on fire.

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