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Live at the Great: Midnight in Paris with Konstantin Shamray

past event


“Shamray’s recital – featuring works by Debussy, Rachmanninov, Ravel and Scriabin – was a thrilling and profound experience of programming and performance.” Limelight Magazine

The brilliant Konstantin Shamray will sweep you off your feet with the music of Paris by moonlight from Debussy’s suite Bergamasque (Claire de Lune) to Ravel’s nostalgic La Valse, no emotion unexplored, no heart unmoved. Join us for an unforgettable evening in Paris.

Paris by moonlight,
the black siene, reflections on the water dance,
bridges with young lovers kissing,
cigarettes with smoke in the distance,
cats frolicking about,
sweet pollution permeates the musk sandalwood air
and an elderly couple reflected by the moonlight sway slowly in a waltz.


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