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Lost In The Woods + Close to Forever

23 June 2024 5:00 pm


“Poetic soul, gothic noir and a strong streak of melancholic and woody folk music”

Lost in the Woods are a Sydney-based band. Since 2006 they have released three albums: Down With the SunBirdsong Almanac (2009), and Campfire Radio (2019), and in 2024, eight new singles known collectively as the Sugar Creek Road recordings. “It’s country music at its core but Lost In The Woods subvert the genre through subtle excursions into poetic soul, gothic noir and a strong streak of melancholic and woody folk music.” (Chris Familton, Rhythms Magazine)

Close to Forever (Trio) – art-pop, jazz, rock, indie and alt-folk.
Dale Caldwell vocals (Martenitsa ensemble, Voices from the Vacant Lot)
Ben Fink guitar/vocals (The Whitlams, Lior, Christa Hughes and Voices from the Vacant Lot)
Sam Golding horns (Mara Big Band, Sousaphonics, Tango Saloon)

The core and heart of Close to Forever is vocalist Dale Caldwell and guitarist Ben Fink. Often known to include up to 7 players regularly, for this gig they will be in trio form joined by Sam Golding on horns, performing their original works plus cherry-picked material from some of their favourite musicians such as PJ Harvey, Nina Simone, Elvis Costello and Don McGlashan.
Their distinctive sound is centred around close vocal harmony and the ethereal sonic landscapes of Ben’s guitar.

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