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Lyre Byrdland: Live at Butchers Brew Bar

past event


The Sydney-based instrumental groove machine known as Lyre Byrdland has established itself as a powerhouse of party music since its inception in 2014. Born from a late night of banter and booze in a hip Melbourne bar, within a few years the group became a heavyweight on the Sydney music scene with an ever-growing fan base of fellow groovers who love to get down.

“We like people to have a good time,” says frontman and Tenor Sax player, David Reglar. “And we love it when we see that in the crowd, when you see one guy is just grooving away totally lost in the music or the whole floor moving to the groove. That’s what our music is about – getting down and having a good time.”

William Endicott (trumpet); Dave Reglar (Tenor sax); Blain Cunneen (guitar); Freyja Garbett (keys); Tim Sampson (bass); Carlos Adura (Drums).

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